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Peer Review Form

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Peer Review Feedback Form
Author’s Name:_________________________________________
Reviewer’s Name:_______________________________________

Directions: As you conduct your peer review, remember to praise, criticize
appropriately, and be specific with revision strategies.

1. Identify and describe weaknesses in this draft if any.
A. Vocabulary (Is vocabulary used appropriately? Is it too simple? Is it too complex? Does it match the piece of writing? Are there misspellings/collocation mistakes?)
B. Grammar (Are there any problems with grammatical structures? Are structures used without reason? Do structures match the writing or the section?
C. Structure (Is the text divided according to the kind of writing? Are the different sections/paragraphs clearly recognizable? Is the information in each section/paragraph appropriate?
D. Comprehension (Does the piece of writing fulfil its role? Are the ideas in each section/paragraph clear? Do they provide appropriate information? Is there something that does not belong? Was the text easy/difficult to follow?)

2. Identify and describe strengths in this draft.
A. Vocabulary
B. Grammar
C. Structure
D. Comprehension

3. How does this draft meet the requirements of the assignment? If not, what is it missing?

4. What should be revised in this writing? Why?

5. Commendations and recommendations.


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