An Important Question for You

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An Important Question for You

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 11, 2015 6:47 pm

Many a time have I found myself wanting to say something without being able to because no one ever asked the right question. Here is your chance to avoid my fate. For this task, you are going to write 5 questions you would like someone to ask you (only the questions, no answers) with a hope to get that important thing you want to say off your chest.

1 - Write 5 questions you would like someone to ask you. These questions may be as deep and philosophical as your mind allows, or they can be simple, every-day questions that are important to you. The choice is yours.
2 - Once you have the questions, post them in this thread.
3 - Once everyone has posted their questions, every one of you will vote for the two most interesting questions for each student (not yourself) in order of importance, i.e. number 1 is your favourite and number 2 is your second favourite.
4 - You will only answer the question you have posted with the most votes.

You have time until April 18th to post the questions. If you have any doubts about the assignment, feel free to ask in the corresponding section.

Have fun!


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