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Writing Task #1 - Article

Post by Martín M on Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:06 pm

Original post by Claudio

Safety when travelling

This is an article where I´ll be sharing with the readers of this blog many measures I heard of, when I was travelling for the last time. In my experience I travelled three times by plane in my whole life, and believe me, I felt really good travelling by plane. But this writting have many measures about travelling and be safety in the srteet, also driving a car or tips to be safety in the street too.

To start to talk whit safety measures, and in the first place, stadistics said that travelling by plane is safer than travelling by car. So according to stadistics and my own experience, I chossed travelling by plane the most safety way to have a trip.

When the plane is ready to take off, fisrt of all, people have to hear carefully the safety advices, giving by people who works in the aerolines. Then turn off you mobile phone or put it into a plane or safe mode. You must put your seat belt and keep calm before the plane is going to leave.

About travelling by car, you have to take care about lots of thinghs. For instance, it´s prohibited speaking on your phone and sending messages when you´re driving. You can´t cross the street and you can´t move your car when the traffic lights are red. Another advices to give to you are: down the volume of your radio car, always watching paying atenttion in front of you , keepping you atenttion on the way. Take into account, that it´s not allowed to parking in places like avenues, garages exit, and others exit like hospitals, schools, etc.

In the street you should pay atenttion in things that surround you. Pay atenttion and respect the traffic lights, don´t speak on tour mobile phone when you´re crossing the street. Another things that we have to take care of are: being polite with people on the street if you asking for some information and give always thanks to them. You should put the trash into the bin, lots of places have bins close to you.

In conclution of this article, when you are travelling, please take care about all sorround you, pay atenttion on advices, what things are prohibited and not allowed to do. Be polite with people on he street. Pay extremelly atenttion when use your mobile phone, because it´s an special case of accident, and for the last thing, be responsable of your acts, giving apologising if you were wrong.

I leave to you this video on you tube, posted by a guy who was in Buenos Aires, he talks about how to take care of many things in the street. I hope to help all of you and enjoy your trip.
By Claudio Suppa - Level VIII


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